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Permaculture Principles Deck

xxxJust a short little post to share this with you.  Here is a link to get a permaculture principles deck.  Aren’t they nice?  It is 101 cards plus another 36 of an add on deck full of information for you to remember when you are designing.  You can buy the deck, or download the PDF for free.  I’m a big fan of quick reference type stuff so I really like this deck.  That’s all.


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Where Are We Headed?

During a lesson in permaculture, one of the instructor did a talk about where is our society headed.  I’m not sure why, but it really caught my attention.  He drew a graph showing four directions society might go in the future.  The idea was that society is headed on a certain path that would eventually lead to running out of materials here on earth to use.  I’m not saying this will happen soon, but eventually it has to happen.  We can follow the path in four possible directions.  The four paths were: Sci Fi, Green Technology, Transition, or collapse.

The Sci fi option was that we used up earth, but were able to build space ships and travel to other plants and live there.  This would obviously mean that science would need to progress a great deal before we ran out.  I’m not sure I think we will get that far in technology before we use up everything available here.

Green technology would be where we created enough new energy saving, earth saving supplies before we ever ran out.  Things like solar and wind were a few of the mentions made.  This seems more likely to me, but may still be a little far fetched.  For this to work, solar panels would have to be available to everyone, not just those who can afford them.  I know there are ways to build them yourself, but I don’t know that many people who would be willing to try.

Transition is just that.  We change our ways overall to adapt to our new needs.  This would mean something more along the lines of having some solar panels, but also drastically decreasing energy usage.  Everyone learning to provide for themselves, and I don’t mean money.  It would be living in an entirely different way than we are now.  Likely fewer smart phones.

The last is collapse.  I think this is fairly self explanatory.  Grim and bleak.  Lots of shooting and robbing.  Definitely no smart phones.   I don’t care for this one at all.

Transition is clearly my favorite.  I believe it is the most realistic option there is.  This is a part of why people choose to go back to the land.  I don’t think society is going to collapse tomorrow, or anytime soon for that matter.  I do believe that things have to change eventually, and what better time than now.  I believe that permaculture is this kind of change.  If my family learns these skills and can live off the land ten generations before the emptying of our energy suppliers, then they will be that much better off.  And if the energy runs out ten years from now, I will be doing alright then too.

This is not me being a doomsday prepper either by the way.  It is just sitting back and looking around at what is in front of us.  We can’t possibly carry on quite like this forever.    There are other reasons why I choose to live out in the woods, but this isn’t one that is too far fetched.

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2014: A Big Year

I have never had so much to accomplish in a single year as we have to do this year.  This is the year that we begin our life on a homestead.  Something that I have been waiting for very impatiently for a long time.  My head spins just thinking about how much we have to do this year.

First we have to get rid of everything we won’t be needing anymore. I have been giving everything away as much as possible.  Giving things to friends and donating to local centers.  Whatever’s left we have to pack up.  Hopefully all that will be left is clothes, tools, and maybe some dishes and pans.  I guess we have to keep the kids toys too.  Yeah right, I’ll never have that little to move.  I can dream though.

Once we get the the new land, we have to clear trees.  There isn’t even a big enough space to put a tent up right now.  We will be living on the land right away to avoid extra expenses, so we have to be ready to work from the first minute we arrive.  And I still have to keep a full time job, for now.  We plan to live in a camper for a little while while we build our temporary house/future guest house.  As of right now, this will be a small earthbag house.  We change our minds a lot though.  Well, I change my mind a lot.

While all this is going on I need to attempt to plant a garden.  We can go to the grocery store if we have to, but as little as possible is the goal.  The more I get planted, the better.    Another side project will be to set up some sort of rainwater collection, filter and storage system.  There is no well and they cost a lot of money, so that’s why we are going with rain water.  This water has to run our kitchen sink and shower and also be for drinking.  This might get to be a big project.  The camper will not be hooked up to anything either, so we will need an outhouse.  Hopefully by winter we will have some kind of indoor toilet.  Hopefully.

That is all I can think of right now.  I’m sure there is more, but we will figure that out as we go.  It will pretty much be a big family campout.  Half the year.  Wish us luck!!

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