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I can’t really say a lot in this post.  I had the Man take pictures as he did the lashings.  He made two tripods and set a post across the two tripods.  We put the tarp up over the post and then staked down the sides.  This will be a shaded area for the kids to play.  Here are the pictures:











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Stop and Look


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Stop and Look


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We headed out on a rainy day to the building materials resource center.   Everything there is half price, many things are brand new.  They have everything you could think of.  Fixtures, nails, paint, doors, carpeting, toilets etc.  We hope to save a lot of money by shopping this way. 


These two windows are new, one is obviously still wrapped up.  They cost $63.00.  The membership was $25.00. 
We got our building plans from countryplans.com.  $50 for blueprints and a materials list.  There are 3 houses included in the package we bought. 
This brings our total price of the house so far to $138.00.  I plan to keep careful track of all the money we spend so that I can share an accurate number and give people a good idea what we are spending and how much we are saving. 
If we estimate the windows at half price, we have saved $63.00.  Blue prints cost hundreds to thousands of dollars in many places you look.  I’ll use the estimate of $200.00 for my savings estimate.   That means we saved $150.00 on the plans for a total of $213.00 saved so far. Pretty rough estimate, but I like to see numbers.

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Here is a quick tour of what we have been doing around here in the past week or so.  We haven’t got any big stuff set up yet, but we are here and starting to settle in.

These are some views of the wall tent with our basics set up inside (before the kids settled their toys in):

DSC_0002 DSC_0004 DSC_0001 DSC_0003Our lovely, quick setup grill.  My favorite part.


We have to walk up all kinds of hills to get between the areas of the property, so I am starting to set up a staircase from the tent to the play area, kitchen, and future cabin.  We have tons of slate everywhere so there will be many more stairways of this kind in the future.


This is the site we have cleared for the cabin.  We were talking about cutting down some trees so that we had a view, but we decided that the trees were more valuable as a wind block.  This area is also a great place for bats.  We have a few of them circling around devouring mosquitos.  The trees will also do very well as places to hang the bat houses we haven’t got yet.


I finally have a clothesline.  Not terribly easy to access, but it is a clothesline.


Shower house and composting toilet.  The other bath house had to come down because we put it in the loggers way.  I guess it will make good firewood.  And now I can build another bath house.  Good practice I guess.


A little decorating to make this place more homey.


Hopefully there will be much more to share really soon.

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