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Starting the Tiny House Interior


We actually got the insulation part of this post done a long time ago.  I have not had a chance to do any posting lately because I have been too lazy to go to town and use the internet.  I have pretty much refused to leave my cozy cabin unless I had to go to work.  My days off I stay home.  So now I am finally getting this posted.

DSC_0134 DSC_0133 DSC_0127 DSC_0128

Insulation all over the place keeping us warm.



I’m not sure if you can tell in these two pictures, but along the bottom of the picture is the catwalk from one loft to the other.  This is where I got to stand to hang the insulation for the roof of the cabin.  It was really not a lot of fun.  The pink part is the rafter mate to allow for air flow.  Then I hung the insulation over that.


In the bottom of this picture you can see the top of the loft floor and to the right you can see the cat walk.

We also got the floor down.



We ended up using these 1’x1′ linoleum tiles for the floor covering.  They aren’t super nice, but it covers the floor boards.  The black floor is in the kids room.  There weren’t a lot of designs to choose from and the black ones were cheap.  So they are in the kids room under the rug.


This is the floor where we stack the wood.  It was the very cheapest tile and we knew it would get ruined under the wood anyway, so here it is.


This is the floor around the rest of the cabin.  It actually looks really good.  A couple of the tiles aren’t perfectly close together for one reason or another and we may have to fill in the cracks a little bit.  But overall it came out pretty good.

Our next step is to put up the wall covering.  We are thing tongue and groove pine board.  The kids room will likely be plywood painted with chalkboard paint.  Who knows when we will get to this though.  We are too busy cutting and stacking wood and then doing nothing.  The money is also coming i slowly since we have so many other things we still need to pay for.  But we are warm and content for now.  We really aren’t in a hurry to finish the place off.  Everything is just fine the way it is.  We will get there eventually, when we feel like it.

Inside the house before



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National seed swap day is a week from today!  A reminder that I am planning a seed swap this year!  I think I have finally decided how I will host the swap.  I will use National Seed Swap Day as the deadline for signing up.  One the deadline has arrived, be sure to get your seeds in the mail to me within a week.  As you email me (nepermhome@gmail.com) that you are interested in doing the swap, I will send you my address.  Send me 3-6 packets of seeds and after I have given sufficient time for all the seeds to arrive, I will shuffle up the seeds and redistribute them.  Write your address on a piece of paper, clearly so that I can use it as a mailing label and include it in with the seeds you mail me.  It would be helpful if you could throw a couple of loose stamps in with the seeds to pay for the shipping back to you.  Please do not send seeds that are many years old and will likely not grow.  Send good seeds that you would be happy to get yourself.  If there is a story or special instructions that go with your seeds, I’m sure people would love for you to share.  Any questions please leave comments.  Otherwise I look forward to hearing from you!  nepermhome@gmail.com.

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I have not had much chance to post lately.   Mostly because we are recovering from all the work we did over the spring, summer, and fall.  We are doing some relaxing, but mostly  pecking away at interior work and daily chores.  I’m also working extra hours while the snow is on the ground.

The main point of this post is to remind folks of the upcoming seed exchange.  I plan to have everyone mail me 3-6 packets of seeds then shuffle them up and re-distribute them.   If you want to be a part of this, email me at nepermhome@gmail.com.

Off to work I go!

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