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Kitchen Shelves

There are a few reasons why we have not done any finish work on the interior of the cabin yet. We ran out of money, we couldn’t get building supplies to the cabin over the winter, we were tired of working, and we didn’t really mind how the interior was because we had been living in a tent up until then. The lack-of-finished-interior we had in the cabin was already a huge improvement from the tent, so there wasn’t really a huge rush. It was nice to relax for a little while.

Now we are ready to start working again. There are some things around this house that are getting to be annoying. We have no storage space for anything. There are some random milk carton shelves here and there, but nothing really. That means that everything that we use on a regular basis is piled in various spots around our tiny house. I want there to be shelves in the kids room in the worst way. All their toys are everywhere all the time. Many of the toys have mysteriously disappeared, causing our very limited storage space to be full. The kitchen would be another wonderful place for some shelves. We only own about five spice choices because we can’t fit anymore.shelf1

Once the walls start going up, we can start with the storage building. We plan to start putting the walls up as soon as possible, but we are waiting on some money still. My tax return is taking nine weeks to get back to me for whatever reason so that puts us in to early May. If we were to start putting shelves up now, we would just have to take them back down in a few weeks when we got enough money to put the walls up and do it right. It would be silly to put shelves up now.

We do a lot of silly things around here I suppose. The kitchen got a new set of shelves. There just happened to be a spot on the wall where we hadn’t even put insulation up and some scrap wood laying around. The man just wedged the scrap wood between the studs in the wall and add a couple of screws. Very simple shelves and very easy to take down. No big deal.


So, this is what I got.  Not really sure what the point of one shelf is, but I got moaning and groaning about putting more up and having to take more down.  I guess it’s valid.  But, I wanted more shelves.  He came up with this great shelving thing and now we are both happy.  It isn’t attached, but it sits nicely on the table top and gives us a little more room until we get the walls up and can have real shelves.


Here is a post on the start of the interior

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The next step of the tiny house is to get the walls up!



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Knotty Wood

Just a quick view of why trying to use wood with knots is annoying:

DSC_0129 DSC_0131 DSC_0133If were were cutting with power tools, this may not happen so much.  However, working with an ax and chisel, this happens at every knot.  If it doesn’t happen, the wood tears and isn’t smooth at all.  I knew to avoid knots when I started, but now I really understand why and will be more careful to pick out smooth wood next time.  That’s all for today.  A quick but useful bit of information.


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My next furniture project will be to build a workspace for my outdoor kitchen.  I work away at this while the Man clears the land and brings me back building materials.  Well, I get most of it myself, but he helps with the heavy lifting when I’m tired.  I worked on splitting wood to make a flatish counter top for the kitchen the other day.DSC_0026  Here are a few of the counter top boards I got done.  It was actually much easier than I expected.  I only did one that was off center.  The rest are going to work out great.  Here are some pictures of me splitting them:

DSC_0018 DSC_0023 DSC_0025It was a little bit difficult for me to get it started.  My hands are kind of small to hold everything in place.  Once you get the ax in place, you just have to whack away and it splits.  No effort at all.  A couple times I didn’t line the ax up far enough to the side to leave myself room to hit the ax head, but that was the only “problem” I had.  Of course, I haven’t split the long boards yet.  We will see how that goes tomorrow!  Did I mention I cut them all by hand too?  I am going to be pretty strong by the end of this summer.


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Learning to Build Furniture


DSC_0011I have been looking for a reason to start building.  Making some furniture as a starter project.  Something small that can and will be ugly, since it is my first attempt.  Then I came up with the perfect project.  A place to put a toilet seat!  We are going to make a composting toilet and will need a frame for it.  We will have a lot of bigger, more complicated projects in the future, so I need to learn how to build with hand tools.  I made this frame completely by hand with a saw, a chisel, a hand drill, and a screwdriver.  Yes, I know it’s ugly, but everyone has to start somewhere! It’s not like it’ll be out in the open for people to admire.  Here are a couple pictures of the notches I cut to make the frame.  Again, they are ugly, but I’m improving already.


DSC_0013Working with branches and small trees forced me to learn how to do some notching.  Trying to connect two round pieces of wood without notching them proved ridiculous.  I tried it once.  I won’t show you the result.  It was even uglier than than this frame.  I had also used nails for the other project and we seem to have lost our real hammer, so I couldn’t get the nails out.  I had to recut the whole thing.  My arms are going to be so strong by the time I get a couple of these projects done!  Here are a couple pictures of me making the simple notches (I won’t show you the other notches too close because they are REALLY ugly).

Saw cuts to depth of notch


Chiseling out the start of the notch


Almost done

Don’t mind my lack of proper work space.  We aren’t set up nicely yet.  Someday…



The finished project all put together

The finished project all put together



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